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PCS Fee Each Apostille $80.00
Texas State Fee Each Apostille $15.00

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1. What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a form of certification set out in the 1961 Hague Convention, to which the United States became a subscriber in 1981. It is a form of numbered fields, which allows the data to be understood by the receiving country regardless of the official language of the issuing country.

2. What does an Apostille do?

The object of the Apostille is to "abolish the requirement of diplomatic or consular legalization for foreign public documents". The completed Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted, and identifies the seal/stamp which the document bears.

3. Who issues Apostilles?

The Secretary of State of Texas may issue an Apostille on documents issued by persons on file with this agency, including county clerks, notaries public, statewide officials. Recently issued birth/death certificates issued by local registrars must have been issued within the past three (3) years in order for the Secretary of State to issue an Apostille. The competent authority for issuance of Apostilles on documents issued by the federal government are the clerks of the federal courts.

4. What kind of documents do I need an Apostille for?

The Apostille may be obtained to transmit public documents executed in one subscribing country to another subscribing country wherein the documents need to be produced. The Hague Convention defines 'public documents' as:

1. those originating in a court, clerk of a court, public prosecutor or process server,
2. administrative documents,
3. notarial acts,
4. official certificates placed on documents

These types of 'public documents' would include birth/death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, school transcripts and diplomas/degrees, among others.

Pro Courier Service is located in Austin, TX, We are pleased to annouce we now can handle Apostilles and Authentications in Texas and Washingtion DC.  Now handling Texas and Federal documents.  We specialize in the filing, processing, copying and retrieval of legal documents. If you need a Texas issued  Apostill/Authentication or a US Department of State issued Apostille/Authentication for any reason let us handle the process for you, saving you valuable time and energy. If you need your certificate ASAP and don't have the time to wait the 3-4 weeks for the SOS to mail it to you, we can take your paperwork directly to The Secretary of State for you. We will handle the walk through process for you, present the proper paperwork and wait for your Apostille. Upon completion of this process we can then Overnight the Apostille to you via FedEx, UPS or USPS. All of this happening in a one day process for Texas documents or 4-9 days for Federal documents. RATES ABOVE ARE FOR THE STATE OF TEXAS ONLY....TURNAROUND TIME.  FOR US DEPT OF STATE APOSTILLES- PRICES START AT $175.00 + RETURN SHIPPING PER DOCUMENT..

Texas documents processed sameday if PCSTAS receives document(s) by 2p.m. M-F**
**CALL 512-443-6886 for pricing for documents needing Apostilles and Authentications in Washington D.C. and all other States
Ship Texas Documents to:
Pro Courier Service
5308 Fort Mason Dr
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Please send "no signature required"
Customer must pay for return of certificates (FedEx. UPS or USPS)* We do not ship via DHL
We return documents on your shipping account at no additional charge

*All items must be Notarized by a Texas Notary or Certified by a Texas Agency before you ship them to Pro Courier*

The State of Texas has strict guidelines for the authentication(Apostille/Certificate) of documents.
Please consult with the Secretary of State of Texas before submitting documents to Pro Courier Service-



**Please note, if your document(s) is rejected by the Secretary of State for certification for any reason,


Pro Courier fees are non-refundable. Later trips for corrected documents are charged at the original rate.**



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